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What To Do With A Broken iPhone Or iPad

broken iphone

The disaster can happen at any time, our device goes to the ground and ends with the screen broken. Or maybe for some reason, it suddenly stops working, your motherboard gets damaged or gets wet. Yes, there was a time when the iPhone was not waterproof, you do not have to go far back.

broken iphone

A cold sweat runs down our backs and we do not know what can be done. Just think that this device has no arrangement, or it is too expensive, makes us consider new possibilities. Today I will give you some guidance on what to do if your iPhone iPad has been broken. The world does not end here.

What To Do With A Broken iPhone Or iPad

In the first place, it is necessary to assess whether or not it compensates for possible reparation. If so, I did not think about it. Fixing an iPhone can be expensive, but it will always be cheaper than facing the purchase of a new one. You can continue to give plenty of service time in optimal conditions. But what interests us is to know what we can do if this device does not have any remedies. Go for it?

Sell ​​it

It is perhaps the most plausible option, there are many “handy guys” loose who like to entertain connect type of devices. They can face a repair or use it to practice operations such as disassembly, or even sell it in pieces.

To sell it you can use any of the sales platforms that there are, indicating of course that it is a good device works, and indicated the failure that presents or the break. Apple devices can be sold for a good price and have a good output. 2 years ago I sold an iPad mini 2 4G with the screen exploded for 50 euros. He did not give me to buy another, but that device did not end in the clean point without more Ena than glory.

Recycle it

You can already deposit it in an Apple Store so that they are in charge of separating their parts correctly and that their correct management is guaranteed. There is a robot that takes care of it and that does real wonders, do not miss to take a look at this video, watch it work. You can recycle 200 iPhone per hour.

Emergency mobile

We are talking about an iPhone that is operational but has a broken screen. It is the ideal phone for excursions, to take in the glove compartment of the car as a secondary device or better yet, for those crazy nights in which you do not know how you can finish. Or, to use it as a telephone in situations of risk, for example, the wild parties of the town or the craziest carnivals you know.

Experiment with him

It may be time to try to do all that you’ve always wanted to do: put it to the test. See if it can stand the way of a car, how long it can stand submerged in a liquid, or how it ends up breaking if you throw it from the top down. Are not their videos of all this on YouTube? Of course, choose well, there are experiments that can be dangerous, on all involved in the fire, which does not get along well with batteries.

Use it as an iPod

Why do not I use it as an audio player? It is a very worthy ending for any device, connected by Bluetooth to a portable speaker can serve you like a charm to hear music while cooking or studying. A perfect solution!
Decorate it
A very creative outlet, you can take advantage of that device to decorate it to your liking, paint it, embed it with small stones, cover it with vinyl. Imagination to power, limits only you put.

Learn the lesson

It is clear that breaking the iPhone or iPad … nobody does it. Accidents happen when you least expect it, so we can always learn the lesson. Take a little more care, do not leave it in the sun, buy a quality case, always install tempered glass. The question is to safeguard it from all the bad things that can happen to it.

Well, these are the most logical options to give a second chance to your broken iPhone or iPad, we who are users of this brand know that yes or yes we can always give a decent exit, even recover some money. Do not let it breed cobwebs.