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ACMarket Application Store That Puts Your Mobile At Risk


The acmarket is a great alternative to the official Android store, Google Play, which allows you to download all the apps and games that are included in this official store, like many others that you will not find there. In AC Market app you will get a world of offers of games, apps, e-books, among others, both the official and the cracked, modified and patched version. ACMarket is a very popular alternative store for its modified pirate applications. But be careful with using it: it seriously puts your mobile at risk.


The claim is striking: pirated and modified applications to remove even in-app purchases. But be careful, ACMarket opens the door to all kinds of dangers for your smartphone. Android application store there is one, at least official, but there are other alternatives that offer from apps to games. This does not imply that unofficial stores store applications outside the law, but there are some that stand out just for that. ACMarket is one of the best known, very popular among those looking for pirated and modified Apks.

The ACMarket alternative store is not difficult to find since it is an application downloadable from its own website. Just a search on Google to download the Apk and have the key to all kinds of pirate apps, but just install it and you see your intentions: take advantage of the user for your own benefit. And not only because of his suspicious permits.

Suspicious Permits And Cryptocurrency Mining In The Background

I already expected that the application would include advertising and that it would flood the user’s mobile with the ads. Also that the permissions would be suspicious for an app of your style: you can send emails to the contacts of our calendar, access the identity of the phone and the user’s data, also its location. Only, for this reason, anyone who intends to install it should already think about it, especially considering the somewhat obscure origin of the store.

I decided to try it to check my suspicions, so I went to their website and downloaded the Apk. After the first boot, I discovered that the appearance is very similar to that of the Google Play Store, so it is very easy to confuse them. What I did not expect was that ACMarket would not settle for abusing privacy and advertisements, it also mined cryptocurrency in the background.

The change after opening the application was enormous: the mobile ended up ballasted (an LG V30 with Snapdragon 835 ), began to warm up until almost burning in the hand and, after an analysis of the tasks and services in the background, I discovered the mining of ACMarket together with what this work entails for the processor: all cores running almost 100% . A huge risk for the mobile because with a few days at maximum performance the components are put at risk.

acmarket app error fix

The above refers only to the app in the application store because the worst comes when you install any ACMarket application. The premise is that all apps are modified to eliminate micropayments and authentication checks. Anyone can modify the Apk and upload it to ACMarket, you can glimpse the enormous danger.

The Malware Is At Ease by ACMarket Applications

It is true that you can download the free payment applications and that the Apks are patched, but here is the risk: anyone can modify the applications and games to upload them to ACMarket, so there is no guarantee that they are clean of malware Rather the complete opposite.

The risk of becoming infected with malware from this app store is enormously high, especially when you are looking for apps and games that are popular. Excess advertising, abuse of permits, risks of identity theft, more cryptocurrency mining … Common sense indicates that it is best to get away from it. I have checked it in person.

Having a store with everything for free attracts attention, but not only that: it also calls for the bad intentions of those who wish to take advantage of those who download the apps. My recommendation is to download only what has guarantees and do not look for modified Apks in stores like ACMarket. It is not worth the risk.