How Does The Hypertext Work?

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When we browse the web we use the hypertext without even realizing it. It became an action so used that nowadays it is difficult to see it or distinguish it from other actions that we carry out when we surf the internet. Here we will briefly explain what the hypertext is and how it works , as well as distinguishing several of its fundamental characteristics. Keep reading and learn more about it.


What Is Hypertext?

Both in journalism and in computer science, hypertext is a tool for linking, creating, and distributing information from different sources. Its way of operating is not direct, it is considered non-linear because its structure is associative and not sequential. That is, it acts very much on the human thought form, leading from one thing to the other.

Such an action can be carried out through cross-references (also known as hyperlinks or associative links). Cross references go from a main document to several secondary documents and, in them, it is possible to save supplementary or supplementary material. This dynamic is recognized as “Link” or “Link” and, in web browsing, it has a fundamental use.

In addition, the hypertext is not summarized in just text, you can link material of the audio, audiovisual, image, web pages, among other existing digital action form. The grouping of this type of format is known as “Hypermedia”.

How Does The Hypertext Work?

Hypertext has two fundamental operations: fragment readings and offer referential material to readers. From a rather general perspective, it is concluded that the fragmentation of the reading will be useful so that the user can understand what an information is about without having to read it completely. It is a possibility thanks to the fact that the most important key points of the text will be rescued in small fragments.

On the other hand, the referential material is ideal for passive readers. Since the information found in added texts or secondary documents will clarify the most complex and abstract ideas. That type of information can be from very specific to very general.

The hypertext and its general characteristics
There are certain parameters to fulfill so that something can be considered as a hypertext. In principle, it must be multimedia so that it is not limited to the text and can be linked with sounds, images, among others. It is reusable, which implies that a hypertext can be used again multiple times.

Also, its dynamics are cybernetic and digital and can not be transferred to paper or other similar elements. A performance quite similar to human memory. It is extensible, the experience of reading can be extended with other files and be extended to users, always being available to them.

They are interactive since they need the user’s action to be able to exist since their operation is not automatic. In addition, they are transitory since their validity depends on the place of destination to which the link is conducted. Finally, they are characterized by being connective as they lead to another place on the web.

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