How Does Live Photos Work?

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live photos

There are many innovations with which Apple surprises every day. One of them forces you to know how Live Photos works . This feature present from the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus allows you to generate animated photos. Something different but great when it comes to sharing pictures of trips or family reunions with friends.

live photos

What Is Live Photos?

In short, as we have already said, these are animated photos. Many place this photo in the middle of the video and the animation in GIF format. Its main characteristic is that it captures brief moments before and after taking a photo.

When this mode is activated, the equipment starts recording immediately. This guarantees an animation of 1.5 seconds before taking the photo and the same time after capturing the image.

It is worth noting that a Live Photo occupies more space than a normal photo . In this sense, if you are struck by the animated photos, it is necessary to have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with enough storage space. Or failing models superior to these; but also with a lot of storage space available.

How Does Live Photos Work?

The wonderful thing about this function is that in addition to capturing a sensational image, you will have some movement and sound. To use this function a manual is not required because it is very simple, as well as taking a traditional photo.

That is why you should in principle open the corresponding application to the camera.
You opt for photo, that is, it is not a video. Then activate the Live Photos function, appearing at the top of the camera an icon of two concentric circles in yellow.
Hold the iPhone firmly without generating any kind of movement.
Press the white button to take the photo.
The photo you look for normal in the application where they are stored, specifically in the “Reel”. At the beginning you will see a normal photo; but when you press on it you will notice the movement and the sound .

Advantages Of a Live Photo

Part of learning how Live Photos works means knowing its many advantages. In principle, the most striking is the fact of achieving animated photos. However, it is much more what we can do with one of these new and spectacular images.

You already know how Live Photos works , now you surely do not want to take normal photos. Of course, for now the function is available for certain iPhone. Although there are applications to activate the function in older models and even in Android.

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