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Education Talks: Digital revolution in the classroom

Did you know that two weeks after studying for an exam, your brain only retains 32% of that information? We have realized in recent years that the educational system based on memorizing and repeating has become obsolete since we have tools to search for information and we must change the paradigm adapting to the new needs and realities of society.

Education Talks

Another fact that increasingly causes children to be unable to solve problems autonomously, as well as stress and fatigue in parents, is the so-called “ helicopter parenting syndrome ”. How long have you not seen a child walk to school alone? We are facing an increasingly widespread phenomenon. The media are constantly telling parents how dangerous the world is, while the reality is different.

Books like ” In Defense of the Enlightenment ” by Steven Pinker show us that, contrary to our perception, the world today is safer than it was years ago. Homicides, kidnappings, famines and war conflicts are on the decline. So why do we increase control over our children?

Esther Wojcicki and her book “How to educate people successfully”

Esther Wojcicki describes this gap between today’s educational needs and institutions clinging to the status quo, as well as the shortcomings of today’s education wonderfully in her book ” How to Educate People Successfully .”

At this point, we should not misinterpret the word success, since it refers more to the happiness and self-realization of the person than to succeed in the literal sense, although the author is the mother of three very successful women, one being the CEO of YouTube; another, founder and CEO of 23andMe, and the third, a scientist.

Wojcicki presents his unique and scientifically proven methodology in this book and offers parents a clear and visionary guide: a manifesto to radically change the paradigm on how to educate in the digital age.